What Clients Are Saying

Rhondra O. Willis, Ph.D. is personally known to have dedicated herself through much academic preparation to reach this pinnacle point in her professional career.  Why? For the sole purpose of assisting her students, her clients, and her colleagues to strive relentlessly at achieving greater goals too than most would have thought possible on their own. As a close friend, and beneficiary of said services, I am both honored and  proud to speak about Rhondra. 
Much like the Coach of an already talented—but winless— team, “Coach” Willis has found that unique approach for inspiring people to discover latent inner abilities that enable them to not just excel but to soar! Rhondra converts dreams into realities through effective                     Coaching and Self-development.
As a Counselor/Entrepreneur, Rhondra’s innate visionary skills were invaluable to me in charting the course for my business startup and development. Countless ideas and questions, no matter how farfetched or harebrained, were genuinely considered and discussed before either being trashed or more closely evaluated for inclusion in my business model.
In my strong opinion, if you are considering Rhondra as an Advisor, Counselor, or Coach for the further development of your organization—you couldn’t have crossed paths with a  more qualified individual!

Ed Brogdon

Rarely do you meet someone who is truly a motivator, consummate professional, and a genuinely caring person all in one, but Dr. Willis is absolutely that person.  She is committed to giving 100% of her time and talents to assisting others in realizing their dreams and achieving their goals.  Her spirit is infectious; she is a dedicated leader who knows when to lead and when to follow.              

As a friend and colleague, I truly, truly admire and respect what Dr. Willis has done, and will continue to do, both professionally and personally as her faith is her driving force.  She is the star standing out in a group of champions while steadfastly working to include others in her light. Mentoring others is definitely her forte.

 Simply put, Dr. Willis is quite brilliant and incredibly talented.  Now if could only clone her...   

Carol E. Jackson
CMSgt (USAF, ret.)
NGS Doctoral Student

It has been a decade since I was inspired by Dr. Rhondra O. Willis to start TyJasKey Academic Enrichment and Mentoring Center, a nonprofit organization in Columbia, South Carolina.  After attending an event that Coach Willis and  Vision Leadership Institute sponsored, I was encouraged to step out on Faith and do what The Lord planned for me. 

As Coach Willis mentored me she introduced me to my platform which confirmed my purpose in the community for all youth.  I appreciate the professionalism of Coach Willis and her positive positive attitude.  She truly deserves a rating of a Perfect and that’s hard to come by these days.    

As a mentee of Dr Rhondra Willis, I had the opportunity to  mentor and supported  many young people over the past ten years.
Thanks for the Love you always give.

Kennis Dawson, Founder
TyJasKey Academic Enrichment and Mentoring Center